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Commonly asked questions

What styles of dance do you offer?

We currently offer tap, ballet, jazz, lyrical, contemporary, hip hop & pointe. If you don't see a class here that you would like to take, we can add classes for a group of 4 or more! So grab some friends and build a class such as performance, pom, technique, or ballroom!

Do you have Zumba or Barre Code here?

We are currently working on getting some Zumba instructors here and will be offering a "ballet boot-camp" which is similar to Barre Code in that it is a high intensity fitness class built around ballet movement and technique

Do you have a performance team or company dancers?

We would LOVE to have a performance group and are currently working on building a squad of girls & boys that have the dedication and drive to learn several dances per semester and perform at local places and events throughout the year. Subscribe to our email to stay informed about this!

Are your teachers professionally trained?

YES! Our staff have all been trained from a very young age and have a wide range of dance experience, from professional dance teams and competition, to learning from some of the top choreographers in the business!

How are the dance quarters defined?

Each quarter of dance throughout the season (September - June) is 9 weeks long. We try to not cancel class as much as possible, but should there be a cancellation due to weather or emergency situation, we try to make them up at the end of the year through added rehearsals prior to our end of the year dance recital.

Can I do a solo or a duet at the recital?

Yes! If you have been taking classes with us for 3 years consecutively, you may choreograph and perform your own solo, duet, or trio performance at the recital! Small fee will apply. Please ask for approval from your instructor.

Do you host birthday parties or other events at the studio?

Yes! Based on the availability of our instructors, and the availability of the studio, we can absolutely host your birthday party! We also host movie nights throughout the year. It's a great way for the students to bond and it gives the parents a few hours to relax or run errands.

Is there a dress code for classes?

No. We do however encourage dancers to dress for their class. If they are in ballet or lyrical, it's suggested to wear tighter fitting clothing that don't cover the feet so that our teachers can properly critique movement. For hip hop or jazz, looser clothing is fine. 

If we haven't answered your question above, please email us or call us today! 

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